Here at Blooms By The Box, one of the most frequently asked and most important questions for a DIY’er is “How many flowers do I need to order?“. Why so important? You don’t want to run out of flowers for your project, but who wants to order too much and waste money? So much of flower arranging is an approximation, but Blooms By The Box has created these guidelines and a flower quantity chart to help you achieve flower perfection!

Let’s start off with the most prominent flowers. Remember: bigger flowers take up more space so that you can buy less. This is often a great way to create full-looking arrangements and save money.

Hydrangea was recently featured in a post on Weddingbells. Blooms By The Box is absolutely in love with this trend! The article also features pictures of peony and rose bouquets, which we will discuss in a moment. Not only are these “Monobotanical” bouquets gorgeous, but they also work out perfectly for our DIY brides! Just look at this easy yet elegant blue hydrangea bouquet from Sugar and Art, perfectly captured by photographer Katie Stoops.

hydrangea bouquet kstoops

So how much do you need for a hydrangea bouquet or arrangement? For a small arrangement, use 2-3 stems. Medium (like the one pictured), up the dosage to 4-5 stems. For a large bouquet, 6-8 stems is your answer.

Another extremely popular flower with a large bloom is the peony. Peonies are exceptionally great in DIY arrangements because they look wonderful in every stage of growth, from bud to bloom.  Be Chic just featured 5 different bouquets with peonies on their “Top 10 Summertime Bridal Bouquets of 2013”, 3 of which were made with only peonies. 5 out of 10 is pretty impressive for one flower! Notice that these delightfully fluffy pe, photographed by One Love Photography, range from partially to fully opened.


A large peony bridal bouquet like this one would require 10-12 peonies. Bridesmaids could carry medium bouquets of 6-8 stems, and you might want to give your flower girl a small bouquet of 3-4 stems. These quantities can always be adjusted for your individual preferences. Don’t forget the greens!

Are peonies going to be out of season during your wedding, or too expensive for your budget? Have no fear – we have the perfect substitution – garden roses! They have the same round bloom with slightly fluffy petals. Even when peonies are in season (November thru July), garden roses convey a romantic, sophisticated vibe. They also come in quite a few more colors.


These garden roses, featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Carla Ten Eyck Photography are a bright and summery choice for any bridal bouquet. To make a large bouquet like this with only garden roses, use 10-12 garden roses. 8 or 9 blooms would make a medium bouquet, and 3-4 garden roses would make a small bouquet.

Looking for more help with your arrangements? Click on the picture below to check out our complete quantity chart on!

Flower Quantity Chart

Have more great ideas and tips for DIY arrangements? Let us know!

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