Many times it is just as important to learn what you shouldn’t do as what you should do! Especially when it comes to caring for flowers you intend on using for an important event such as a wedding, wedding shower, baby shower, anniversary party, sweet sixteen, or fundraiser. Let’s de-bunk some myths about taking care of flowers so you can prepare your flowers without falling for some of the bad advice that is floating around out there on the internet.

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1. REFRIGERATOR? Maybe, Maybe NOT! Everyone seems to think their at home refrigerator is an exact replica of professional and industrial floral cooler. I hate to break your hearts but it’s not. Refrigerators do not have the same humidity levels of a floral cooler and they are filled with foods that give off chemicals that can rot your flowers. Decaying or ripening fruits and vegetables can shorten the vase life of your flowers drastically.

It is best to put your flowers in a cool place out of direct sunlight. (Not somewhere directly in front of an air conditioner or heater either). Flowers will freeze in a garage that is 32°F or under so make sure that your flowers are not stored where they will freeze. The cooler the room is the better but refrigeration is not necessary. The reason why florists use a floral cooler is too keep flowers in the exact state they are in (preserving arrangements), when you receive flowers ordered online for an event you want them to open and rehydrate!

2. HANDLING FLOWERS. It’s easy for people to believe that the more you handle your flowers the shorter their vase life will be, but that is just simply not the case when getting wedding flowers online. When you receive your flowers you should take them out of the box  as soon as you can.  Leaving them in the box until you need them will surely make for dead flowers. They have been out of water and need to be re-hydrated. Cut the stems (about an inch above the end of the stem at a 45° angle under warm water), prep the buckets with clean, warm water and floral preservative then put the flowers in the water. Let the flowers rehydrate for as long as they need (usually a day is fine, this includes opening time).

3. DON’T USE COLD WATER. Using cold water to hydrate flowers is the ultimate flower myth, it is easy to to think that cool water is refreshing but not when you are a thirsty fresh cut flower! The water particles in cold water move slowly making it very difficult for the flowers to draw up water. The faster moving particles in warm water allow the flowers to draw up water quickly and hydrate faster. In addition, flower stems that are plugged by bacteria or air will only be able to draw up warm water due to the faster moving particles that push through stem plugging. You can also avoid plugging by cutting flower stems under warm water.

4. DON’T OVERUSE AT HOME FLOWER FOOD REMEDIES. Some at home flower remedies are fine to use. You can put SOME sprite in your flower’s water, key word here is some, moderation is key!! But don’t go crazy throwing mixtures of “at home flower food” recipes in the flowers. You can actually kill certain flowers that way. Hydrangeas will die if you go putting too much sugar in the water. The best way to rehydrate your flowers is to use floral preservatives that give directions for proper water/food ratios. It is important to rehydrate your flowers in the proper way. Some at home remedies are okay but if you put too much in the water you will kill your the flowers for your wedding or event.

I hope all these tips about “what not to do” have helped you. Click the link for more information on proper care of wholesale flowers.

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