Taking care of fresh cut flowers is a lot like taking care of a pet – to make sure they live the longest, happiest life possible, you have to give them water, feed them, and pet them. Just kidding about the last one, but giving your DIY blooms love and the right amount of attention is crucial for ensuring they look stunning on your big day! How you care for your flowers directly affects their “vase life,” or how long they last after you receive them. Properly caring for flowers isn’t as hard as it seems, but we’ll show you how to do flower care right – and the wrong way to do it, too!

To get started, here are our 3 tops tips for fresh cut flower care:

  1. Prepare buckets for re-hydrating your flowers and clean thoroughly them – any bacteria or chemicals in the water will shorten their vase life!
  2. Never put fresh flowers in your refrigerator! Find a cool (not cold!) place, like a basement or a garage, to store your flowers while they’re re-hydrating and after you arrange them.
  3. Keep fresh flowers away from drafts, heating vents, and sunny windows while re-hydrating and arranging them.


Day 1 Flower Care

Flower Care Comparison by Blooms by the Box

Both vases of hydrangeas get the same treatment – snipped stems, sliced up the middle, placed in warm water. The only difference is that the vase on the right had AquaPlus flower food added to the water and Crowning Glory sprayed on the blooms and leaves. The vase on the left was left as is. We left the hydrangeas to sit overnight while they re-hydrate.

Day 2 Flower Care

Flower Care Comparison by Blooms by the Box

Both sets of hydrangeas are still looking great! If you look closely, you’ll see that all of the blooms have filled out and gotten bigger overnight. We added some clean, warm water to the vase on the right, and kept the vase on the left as is. You’ll also notice in the vase on the left that the water level has dropped since the day before. Then let both vases sit over night again.

Day 3 Flower Care

Flower Care Comparison by Blooms by the Box

It’s not looking good for the hydrangeas on the left – the blooms on two of the stems have wilted, and the water level has dropped so much that the stems are almost fully out of the water. Meanwhile, the hydrangeas on the right are happy as clams! We replaced the water in the vase on the right with warn, fresh water, added a little flower food, and snipped about a half inch off of the bottom of the stems just for good measure.

Day 4 Flower Care

Flower Care Comparison by Blooms by the Box

All three stems have drooped and died in the vase on the left, as you can see. The hydrangeas on the right are still looking great, though! We sprayed the blooms with Crowning Glory to keep them looking happy for another 2-3 days.

A close-up of the hydrangeas’ petals. L: The hydrangeas that we not given any care. R: The hydrangeas that had the correct amount of care.


It’s plain to see that even just a little bit of extra care will go a long way! Taking care of your wholesale flowers is essential – they make up such an important element of any DIY event, adding vocal interest and making your guests feel welcome. For such an important element for your big day, why not put in a little extra love?

Have any questions about how to keep your blooms looking their best for your big day? Leave a comment below or shoot our customer service team an email and we’ll help you out!

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