There is no doubt that hydrangeas are one of the most popular wedding flowers. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I get about our varieties. But as a non-hydrangea fanatic, I have to ask myself, “Why all the hydrangea hype?” And here’s what I came up with…

1.) Hydrangea are extremely versatile.

From working in the flower industry I have learned two very important things about flower arranging, 1.) less is more, and 2.) not every flower is made for a bouquet or a centerpiece. However, hydrangea doesn’t have this problem! They are gorgeous in bouquets as well as centerpieces.

2.) Hydrangea can play both the lead role in arrangements or a supporting one as a filler.

Whether large white hydrangea is the main focal point of your centerpiece, or just a few mini green hydrangeas are scattered in your bouquet, any variety of hydrangea makes the perfect star and compliment in both bouquets and centerpieces.

3.) Both similar and different varieties of hydrangea work well with each other, as well as complimenting other flowers.

Yes, similar to #2, but hydrangea looks effortlessly beautiful alone or with other varieties. They also compliment almost any type of flower, and you can pair them with virtually any kind of greenery.

4.) They are full, lush flowers.

There are not many flowers that you can use a single stem as a bouquet or centerpiece. But wouldn’t you know… the hydrangea is one of them! They are by far the lushest flower in the industry (which probably adds to all their hype ;)).

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