architdigestphotoThe April 2010 issue of Architectural Digest features this photo and the quote by noted interior designer, Charles Allem, “Edit, edit, edit. Less is more. That is my Motto”. In these difficult economic times, his quote has two meanings for me. One is that a more minimalistic approach to home design is a growing trend and that simple lines and the monochromatic color is a striking, beautiful (and maybe even cheaper) way to decorate. The second meaning is that perhaps some of us have become slaves to our “stuff.” Perhaps simplifying our lives with less stuff and more time spent with family and friends is what makes a more meaningful life.

Regardless of his quote or its meaning to me, what I noticed from the photograph is that “Less” still means flowers! What would that photograph be like without the centerpiece of white tulips? Flowers breath life into that room, and create a beauty that would not exist without them!

Do flowers bring joy and beauty to your life or are they just stuff? I can’t quite picture a room like this one in our house (with three kids and a neurotic dog), but I can relate to the flowers. While one of my main jobs at home is picking up and throwing away (editing seems like too sophisticated a term to describe what I do), adding flowers to a room always adds beauty and life without adding clutter. I can’t imagine my house ever being perfectly clean and organized, but I will always imagine it being decorated with flowers!

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