sunflowerfieldIn the Northeast, we enjoy four distinct seasons. I try to take in the individual beauty of each season, and to fully appreciate the wonderful changes happening around me. I find that I dress, decorate, and even cook seasonally.

sunflowersCertain flowers call out to me at particular times of the year, and help me celebrate each wonderful passage of time. I can’t seem to get through the end of summer without a bouquet of sunflowers in a blue vase. (Yes, the vase was purchased just because of how well they look in it!)

Sunflowers are one of the most useful, healthy, and beautiful flowers cultivated, and have an interesting history as well. Native to North and South America, these flowers were first domesticated by American Indians and used for food, medicinal and ceremonial purposes. The Spanish explorers took them to Europe around 1500 as an example of one of the exotic native plants of the New World.

They gradually became popular in Europe, and Peter the Great is credited with promoting widespread Sunflower oil production throughout Russia. Luckily for us flower lovers, Sunflower Seeds from Russia began making their way back to the US in the late 1800s. We can now appreciate this lovely American Beauty at the end of summer or at virtually any time in the Wholesale Flower Market.

I recently drove down a county road and saw a glorious display of sunflowers waving their sunny faces in the breeze. They reminded me that it’s time for me to place my order…

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