Dahlias have become a bride favorite for their unique design and personality! The biggest perk about these pretty petals is that they come in a wide range of colors — ranging from vibrant solids to soft ombre pastels.


A native to Mexico and belonging to the same floral family as sunflowers, chrysanthemums, daisies and zinnias, dahlias come in many vibrant hues and variations of sizes and shapes. The stem length is roughly 14″-16″ and the blooms can range in size from 1.5″-3″. They are usually available starting in late spring (May) and ending in the early fall (November), the biggest and best blooms are harvested mid-summer, while blooms tend to shrink in size toward the end of their season.

Dahlia Care

To keep them in their freshest state we suggest cutting the stems and removing the bottom leaves before placing them in water. They can give off a goo, so make sure you’re constantly refreshing the water! They also tend to have very thin stems and heavy blooms, so make sure you’re supporting the stems and blooms with a short bucket or vase to avoid any drooping or broken stems.

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Dahlia Colors


Pink Dahlias range from delicate blush tones to vibrant fuchsia shades.


These the neutral blooms of white dahlias pair seamlessly with any combination of flowers and come in shades of bright white and taupe.


Beautiful and unique, Purple Dahlias come in colors like lavender, magenta and plum!


A bride favorite, Burgundy Dahlias add instant drama and romance to any bouquet or centerpiece!


Orange Dahlias vary from a deep rust color to a soft peach tone!


A great burst of color, Red Dahlias can be solid or have slightly striped petals.


Yellow Dahlias add whimsy and vibrancy to any arrangement!


These dreamy and dark Chocolate Dahlias are perfect for a wild, bohemian bouquet.


These bi-color beauties come in multicolor shades and ombre styles!

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Dahlia Wedding Ideas

Dahlias look lovely in whimsical or wild bouquets paired with plenty of greens and fillers!

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