Photo from A&E TV show “Monster In-laws”- Mother of the bride not a fan of son-to-be!

We all know that it’s time to put on our game face for the holiday season, ESPECIALLY when it comes to in-laws. Some of us are blessed with an amazing family and some of us have to weather the storm, also known as family holiday parties. Just think about how much easier it would be if we set ourselves up for success by getting them on our good side before the holidays begin. Let me begin by saying this is all in good fun and lightheartedness, I know your in-laws are probably the bomb, but if there was a time to get it out of your system it’s now (comment as disguised name below with juicy stories!).

1. Send a Card. Mother in-laws love an update. Send a holiday card with a picture of some random decorating or food you made from own of  her recipes (the cheesier the better!). Flatter her, she will remember this at the holiday party and may even brag to others about you, but who cares if it’s embarrassing, at least you got out of a night of lecturing.

2. Send Her Holiday Greens. Send your in-laws a holiday wreath or some garland. They will appreciate the gesture you made to get them in the holiday spirit. This will get them feeling positive about you, hopefully long enough to get through new years too!

3. Bring Awesome Food. Bring something really yummy that people will look forward in the coming years. Start a tradition in the family = an automatic in! This is will also capture your father in-law after all “the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” (so cliche but true).

Please tell us your in-law stories and the things you have done to get them on your good side before the holidays!


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