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I have to admit that I love some bad reality TV. C’mon, give me a break… we all have our guilty pleasures, right? So it may not come as a surprise that E!’s The Soup is one of my weekly fixes. Bad reality TV plus the hysterical banter of Joel McHale, I can’t get enough.

So, the other day I was channel surfing, and The Soup happened to be on. As I chucked at all of the moronic clips, one actually got my undivided attention. It was a clip from the show The Arrangement, which at first you may think is an arcane series about two undercover agents whose lives are randomly connected in some way. But after seeing the clip, I soon found out it’s quite the contrary.

As the name suggests the reality TV show is all about arranging flowers (duh!), but with a competitive edge. Ten floral designers face over the top challenges with the hopes of winning the title of “America’s Best Floral Designer” plus some cash and a car. In each episode, the designers face a “Seedling Challenge” followed by a “Weed out Challenge.” The bottom designers then face a final head-to-head challenge after which a designer is eliminated. Gigi Levangie Grazer and celebrity floral arranger Eric Buterbaugh host and serve as the esteemed judges.

What do you all think about this? I think that floral designers are as equally artistic as fashion designers, cough, Project Runway, cough, cough, and deserve the same recognition for their talents. I’m just going to have to check it out and report back. Unfortunately, the season is well underway, but thanks to Logo, we can all check out past episodes here!

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