Wedding Cakes with Fresh Flowers


Wedding cakes are trending with fresh flowers! What is a party without a wedding cake decorated with your favorite fresh flowers? The wedding cake is a BIG part of everyone’s event. The bride & groom will cut it together, take lots of photos while the guests watch, and then they feed it to each other. This moment is sweet, romantic, and symbolizes love for each other or can be a funny mess when the bride or groom smears it on each other’s face! However you look at it, the cake is something you will always remember. The cake has the meaning of so many traditions we celebrate. Design your dream cake for any occasion adding fresh flowers and personalizing it to your event theme keeping it food safe.

Be careful! Not all flowers should be used for cake decoration. Flowers can be toxic and harmful because of pesticides. There are edible flowers such as roses, gardenias, carnations lavender and more. Always be sure that the flowers you use are food safe. When choosing flowers for your cake, consider durability for temperature, icing, and how you will be serving it. Here are some tips to ensure your fresh flowers are safe.


Wax Stem Dipping


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Rose’s are a perfect flower to add to your wedding cake! Dip the stems of your flowers in safety seal. This product is made of oils and waxes to form a waterproof food-safe coating. This is Vegan & gluten free.


Naked Cake-  Floral Tape or Saran Wrap


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Cut the stems with at a sharp angle leaving 1“- 1 ½” per stem. Rinse the flowers gently with water to remove loose bacteria, loose dust or debris. Be gentle; flower petals are very delicate. Soak the stems in water for 5 minutes before wrapping. Wrap the stem with plastic wrap so the stem will not come in contact with your cake or you can cover the stem with floral tape. If you are using a thick bunch, purchase wide straws or bubble straws to insert the stem into the straw and the into the cake. To decorate with long stem flowers on the cake, place wax paper under the flowers or roll a thin layer of fondant to protect the flower from touching the cake.


Fondant Cakes and Flower Holders


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Using a generous amount of flowers? Purchase flower holders for the cake. The flower holder is made of hidden tubes of water to submerge the bottom of the flower stems. When the flowers are in place, and st in the flower holder place it on the top of the cake. Here is another excellent option for protecting the cake from the flower stems contaminating the cake. The famous fondant! Roll out fondant and place it as a layer on top of the cake and press the flowers into it.


Fresh Flower Cake Toppers



The fresh flowers on top of this cake are put together with a CakeVase. The CakeVase is made of a transparent disk with divots in it for holding flower stems in place and keeping the cake food safe. This cake is colorful and bold with mixed dahlias and greenery.


Tiered Cakes


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If you want to create a cake with layers of flowers appearing as they are growing from the cake, you can use foam dividers between the layers and stick the stems in the foam.

Choose the flower that compliments your party theme by matching colors, textures, and theme to your special event!  Remember…. the secret ingredients is love and happiness forever!

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