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Burgundy Fancy Carnation Flower

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 25.

25 or more stems

$0.96 per stem



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Common Names: Carns

Burgundy carnation flowers are the perfect way to bring luxurious, velvety texture to your DIY flower arrangements, whether for a wedding, fundraiser or any other special event. What makes these burgundy carnation so special is their clove-like scent and their festive, ruffled ball shape that brings textured bursts of saturated color to arrangements and bouquets. These beauties are some of our best-selling Carnation flowers because they’re exceptionally long-lasting and will last for up to 12 days in a vase depending on the environment. They’re also a very economical alternative to costlier peonies but still bring the same frilly, decadent look. Dark red carnations are ideal for larger arrangements, such as hanging installations, flower backdrops and more.