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Dahlias 5 Bunch (50 Stems) - Reds

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Stems/Bunch: 10 stems per bunch, 50 stems total

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The color red is often associated with passion and grabbing people’s attention and our red dahlias are no different. When you use them in your bouquets and floral arrangements, people will stop and take notice. Our convenient wholesale 5 bunch red dahlias (50 stems) arrive at your doorstep at their peak freshness. They are shipped immediately after being cut and are waiting to be turned into a creative floral design. When you receive your shipment, you will likely notice some variation in size, shape, and color, such as a blend of lighter and darker shades of red. This is a natural occurrence with dahlias and is considered one of the charms given to us by nature! The deep, rich red is the perfect choice for romantic-themed weddings. They are also an affordable alternative to red roses. Just like their counterparts, dahlias can be utilized a seemingly endless number of ways to create arrangements that are whimsical, rustic and elegant. Mix them with other red florals for a monochromatic palette or group them with crisp white blooms for a contrasting light and dark color scheme.

Our red dahlias are shipped at their peak freshness, but we need you to do your part. Be sure to rehydrate them in fresh water and keep them in clean water at all times even after they are arranged. Also, remove any leaves on the bottom of the stems to avoid having them submerged underwater. 

Stems/Bunch: 10 stems per bunch, 50 stems total
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 14"-16" stems with 1.5"-5" flowers
Availability: May-October
Vase Life: 4-6 days
Price Class: $ $ $
Suggestions: This flower is highly dependent on hydration, do not be alarmed if when you receive them and they are dehydrated. They will perk up with a fresh cut and a drink of water!

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