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Dahlias 5 Bunch (50 Stems) - Yellows

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Stems/Bunch: 10 stems per bunch, 50 stems total

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We cannot help but smile when we are in the presence of yellow dahlias and when you receive your shipment of wholesale 5 bunch dahlias (50 stems) we know you will too. What we and so many DIY brides and party planners love about our yellow dahlias is that they have a sunny disposition. They will instantly add warmth and radiance to any bouquet, centerpiece, or floral arrangement. They are also quite versatile; they work just as much in a springtime bouquet as they do in an autumn one. We have seen the yellow flower shine when placed with everything from sunflowers and spray roses to hydrangeas, succulents, daisies, and more. Another unique characteristic of dahlias is that when they grow, they vary slightly in color. When you receive your shipment, you may see a mix of dahlias that range from lighter to darker. This is not a flaw, but a gift from nature. Keep your dahlias looking their absolute best by rehydrating them in freshwater and keeping them in clean water at all times. Also, remove the leaves from the bottom of the stems before submerging them in water. Dahlias may vary in shades of yellow and will range in size.

Stems/Bunch: 10 stems per bunch, 50 stems total
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 14"-16" stems with 1.5"-5" flowers
Availability: May-October
Vase Life: 4-6 days
Price Class: $ $ $
Suggestions: This flower is highly dependent on hydration, do not be alarmed if when you receive them and they are dehydrated. They will perk up with a fresh cut and a drink of water!

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