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Yellow Carnation Flower - Fancy

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 25.

25 or more stems

$0.91 per stem



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Add dimension and a pop of sunny yellow color to any arrangement or bouquet with these striking, happy fancy yellow carnation flowers from Blooms by the Box. Sometimes referred to as the flower of love, yellow carnations are a fragrant, festive way to create a frilly, textured look to your extra-special DIY flower arrangements. Their signature clove-like scent and ruffled, ball-shaped blooms make them a supremely versatile option in just about any bouquet, centerpiece or floral arrangement. Whether you are using the yellow carnation in wedding arrangements, parties, fundraisers or birthdays, the blooms of the fancy yellow carnation will be stunning in any venue.

Carnation flowers are cost-effective fresh-cut flowers are also some of the longest-lasting flowers available. Consider using them as a budget-friendly alternative to peonies by bunching three or four stems together throughout your arrangements or centerpieces. We also recommend these bright fancy yellow carnations for your larger arrangements; ideal in hanging installations, large-scale, dramatic flower backdrops, and stunning flower walls, these yellow carnations are guaranteed to shine, without breaking the bank!

Blooms by the Box is your go-to source for yellow carnations. If you think DIY flowers and arrangements are too difficult or too expensive, think again! At Blooms by the Box, our bulk yellow carnations are available at wholesale prices that will save you big money. We ship our fresh-cut yellow carnations from our farm directly to your front door, ready to be arranged into DIY arrangements, centerpieces or bouquets. It’s that easy!