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Wax Flower Pink

Common Names: waxflower

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Pink flowers symbolize happiness, youthful joy, love and grace. What better flower to add to a bridal bouquet and other floral wedding décor than the delicate pink wax flower? The wax flower represents wealth and long-lasting success, making it an especially good omen for a long, happy marriage. Wax flower is ideal as filler flowers, since each stem features multiple small, vibrant five-petal blooms and needle-shaped leaves for a detailed, elegant arrangement. The wax flower, like most filler flowers, is gathered together in a grower’s bunch, so the number of stems can vary — typically, it ranges between 7 to 12 stems per bunch.

Size: 16"-26" stem length

Vase Life: 7-10 days, depending on environmental conditions

Availability: All year

Suggestions: As the pink wax flower has light petals with darker centers, they add beautiful dimension and depth to DIY bouquets and arrangements. They can be paired with pastel-colored flowers as well as darker pink and red flowers, in addition to white. They provide a wonderfully rustic appearance when placed in old glass milk bottles, Mason jars, wicker baskets and other earthy containers.

NOTE: Wax flower tends to shed easily!


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