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Wax Flower Pink

Common Names: waxflower

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Pink wax flowers are the perfect touch for a rustic- or vintage-themed flower arrangement. These pretty little pink flowers are small, vibrant and feature five petals per blossom. Each delicate flower has bright pink petals with darker red centers. The foliage is bright green with needle-shaped leaves. Unopened buds on these flower stems also create an interesting texture and color variation in floral arrangements.

Pink wax flowers are ideal for weddings, baby showers and feminine celebrations. Pink flowers are representative of happiness, youthful joy, love and grace. Wax flowers symbolize wealth and long-lasting success. This also makes them ideal graduation flowers for a girl. Create a gorgeous DIY rustic bouquet or centerpiece by pairing these wax flowers with pastel-colored, pink, white or red flowers. You can also display them in old milk bottles or Mason jars for vintage-themed décor.

Order your pink wax flowers by the bunch from Blooms by the Box. Each bunch of these pretty pink flowers contains 7 to 12 stems.

Size: 16"-26" stem length

Vase Life: 7-10 days, depending on environmental conditions

Availability: All year

Suggestions: As the pink wax flower has light petals with darker centers, they add beautiful dimension and depth to DIY bouquets and arrangements. They can be paired with pastel-colored flowers as well as darker pink and red flowers, in addition to white. They provide a wonderfully rustic appearance when placed in old glass milk bottles, Mason jars, wicker baskets and other earthy containers.

NOTE: Wax flower tends to shed easily!


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