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Nageia Nagi Greenery
1 Bunch Nageia Nagi

Nageia Nagi Greenery

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Common Names: Nagi, Asian Bayberry

Commonly known as Nagi and Asian Bayberry, Nageia Nagi, is native to China, Japan, and Taiwan. Featuring glossy, lance-shaped leaves with green to reddish-brown stems, Nageia nagi greens make a complementary accent to any DIY arrangement, centerpiece or bouquet. They are as charming when used to create a rustic wedding bouquet as they are a black-tie, classy wedding bouquet. These lush greens also make a lovely addition to a floral table garland or decorative swag. Group bunches with silver dollar eucalyptus, salal and other evergreens along with your favorite focal flowers in the color palette that is reflective of the season and the theme of your event. For example, when hosting a fall celebration, use red and yellow cushion pompons, orange safflowers and orange roses; for a springtime gathering, opt for pink, peach and white roses, peonies and wax flowers. Availability can be limited and will vary between seasons.


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