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French Lavender (10 Bunches)

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Enjoy the delicate beauty and lovely fragrant scent of French Lavender flowers in a multitude of traditional and creative ways. Every elegantly slender stem features clusters of small, dainty flowers with a light to medium purple color. These blooms are ideal for ideal for creating classy, rustic DIY bouquets and floral designs. Lavender is admired for its simple beauty and blooms have a light, captivating scent that is treasured worldwide.

Gather bunches of French Lavender and tie them together with a ribbon or piece of lace for a charming all-lavender bouquet. Alternatively, pair lavender stems with other wildflowers or eloquent roses for stunning floral displays. Practical ideas include placing bunches in closets to keep moths away, or in gardens to keep wild deer at bay. Approx. 15 stems per bunch.

Size: 18-24” stem length
Vase Life: Approximately 4-5 days, depending on environmental conditions
Availability: Year round
Suggestions: Pair with white garden roses and peonies for an beautifully fragrant bouquet, or with other herbs, grasses, and succulents for a stunning rustic bouquet! Lavender has a tendency to release a lot of debris in to the water in its vases - making sure this water is always clean will extend the lavender's vase life!
**PLEASE NOTE: During the warmer months of the year, some natural browning will occur on the petals of French lavender. This is entirely normal!**

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