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Star Of Bethlehem

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 to 9 bunches $16.80 per bunch
10 or more bunches $15.04 per bunch
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Featuring clusters of small, white, star-like flowers, the Star of Bethlehem is a lovely bloom belonging to the lily family (liliaceae). According to the legend, God created the Star of Bethlehem to guide the wise men to the Christ Child. After the wise men reached their destination, God willed the bright star to burst into thousands of pieces where they fell to the earth and began to bloom into small white flowers. Often associated with the birth of Christ, the Star of Bethlehem symbolizes purity, innocence, honesty, hope and forgiveness.

With so many messages, the Star of Bethlehem makes an ideal flower to include in wedding décor, bridal bouquets, christening centerpieces, baby showers accents and more. Some of our favorite ways to use Star of Bethlehem include adding stems to a rose and hydrangea bouquet or using them to complement a rustic bouquet of larkspur, delphinium and corn flower. The gentle fragrance of these flowers adds the finishing touch. 

Vase life: is 7-10 days depending on environmental conditions.
Availability: All year
Suggestions: Star of Bethlehem works as a sophisticated addition to a rose bouquet or as a wildflower in a rustic bouquet paired with larkspur, delphinium or even corn flower. 

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