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Veronica Blue

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10 stems per bunch.

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Elevate the attention-getting impact of any flower arrangement with the addition of Veronica Blue novelty flowers. This captivating bloom is a fantastic choice for DIY bouquets and arrangements with a trendy twist. The boom has a slender, spherical shape that gently curves, causing its top to bend at an angle. When blended with traditionally-shaped blooms, they tend to stand out on their own, creating a visual sensation that is both intriguing and memorable. The blue color is most intense at the base of the sphere, becoming less intense as your eyes move up towards the tip. Because of their unique look, they can be used as a fun filler. Create imaginative pairings with dahlias, thistle, roses and assorted wildflowers. 

Vase Life: 5-7 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: Summer
Suggestions: Pair blue veronica with dahlias, thistle, and even roses for a beautiful wildflower feel.

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