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Heather (10 Bunches)

This item is sold by the box.

1 to 2 boxes

$182.00 per box

3 or more boxes

$141.75 per box




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Heather’s vibrant purple-pink color and fullness makes it a favorite in weddings, special events, and other occasions. Although heather is available throughout the year, it is ideal for summer and spring weddings, particularly when paired with similarly colorful seasonal flowers. Heather, is a favorite filler found in endless bouquets, centerpieces, and floral designs. Characterized by an abundance of multiple racemes tiny blooms on a long narrow stem, traditionally in purple-pink flowers perfect for creating elegant heather flower arrangement designs or adding filler and height to your arrangements and centerpieces. Heather is native to Scotland and England but commonly found in Scotland due to its rocky territories. DIY brides and party planners often choose to use it on its own, upgrading it from filler to focal flower. We have seen them bunched together and assembled in everything from Mason jars to woodland boxes for rustic-themed or small glass vases. 

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