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Dahlias 5 Bunch (50 Stems) - Pinks

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Common Names: Single Color Assortments

When it comes to weddings, pink and flowers go hand-in-hand. If you are looking to incorporate this classic hue into your special day, yet want an alternative to roses, give our pink dahlias a try. Our wholesale 5 bunch (50 stems) pink dahlias have all the texture and timeless appeal you are looking for to create memorable bouquets, ceremonial décor, and centerpieces. As dahlias grow, they naturally vary in size, shape, and color. While your dahlias will definitely be pink, they may vary in shade from slightly lighter to slightly darker. We cannot help but think of romance when we think of pink dahlias. One of our favorite designs includes pairing them with blush pink peonies, seeded eucalyptus, pink astilbe, and Queen Anne’s lace. We also are drawn to the simplicity of grouping together pink dahlias surrounded by dusty miller. The effect is subtle, yet enchanting. Dahlias may vary in shades of pink and will range in size.

Nothing is more disappointing than receiving flowers that are not fresh. That is why we ship ours immediately after they are cut and urge you to always keep them in clean water. It is also best to trim away the leaves on the bottom of the stems before placing them in water. 

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