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Vase, Vloral Foam, Scissors and FlowersMaking a simple centerpiece can be easy, fun, and stylish for your wedding or event. You will need a vase, floral foam, floral scissors, and the flowers of your choice.

The flowers in this centerpiece include romantic antique garden roses, light pink O'Hara garden roses, white ranunculus, pink ranunculus, peach versilia roses, peach Hypericum, green Hypericum, seeded eucalyptus, and myrtle.

Close Up of Garden Roses and Ranunculus

Soak your floral foam in water and flower foodFirst soak your floral foam in water and flower food. Then cut down the foam to fit the flower container. You can use clear waterproof tape to hold down the foam if you are transporting the flowers a long distance.

Add both types of greenery around the outer edges of the entire vase. Don't worry about making a perfectly rounded shape. You will be able to perfect the shape once you begin to add the focal flowers. The greenery will play a large part in covering the floral foam so make sure you are really filling the entire outside with greens.

Add both types of greenery around the outer edges of the entire vase

Start inserting large focal flowers into the foam. Make sure to start making your rounded shape with the focal flowers, this way when you start adding your smaller flowers and fillers you will already have made a guideline for yourself to follow.

Add your smaller flower and fillers and continue to create your desired arrangement shape.

Start adding roses, ranunculus and fillers

Here is your completed rose and ranunculus arrangement

You are finished when you are happy with the shape and balance of flowers in the arrangement. Arrangements with floral foam will last just as long as any flower arrangement in water. Floral foam evenly distributes water to the flowers for up to a couple of days.

Completed rose and ranunculus arrangement close up

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