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Many DIYers get intimidated at the thought of constructing boutonnieres. It seems like a technical task but it can actually be very simple. In fact,the boutonniere will take the least of your time when making your wedding or event arrangements. They are simple, require very few flowers, and can save you money when DIYed!

Grab some greenery, a focal flower, an accent flower, a stem of filler, and floratape stem wrap to make a boutonniere. This boutonniere features a 40cm rose circus, white spray rose, white wax flower, leather leaf fern, and plumosos fern. Don't forget, you will need stem wrap and corsage pins!

flowers needed for boutonniere

Use floratape stem wrap to attach two layers of greens. This is an option you can skip but will add depth to the boutonniere by adding extra texture. Layering different varieties of greens and fillers will add sophistication to a design without adding more technical work.

Add the focal flower to the greenery using your stem wrap again. It is always good to use a smaller rose (such as a 40cm rose vs. a 60cm rose) for boutonnieres and corsages. You do not want to have a boutonniere that looks unbalance or oversized when placed on men's suits.

creating boutonniere

Cluster together your smaller flowers and fillers (in this case spray roses and wax flower). Attach them toward one side of the focal flower. Or you can arrange small flowers to both sides of the focal flower.

Completely wrap the stems in floratape stem wrap to create a finished looked and make the boutonniere sturdy enough for wearing.

boutonniere stem wrapping

Use corsage pins to attach the boutonniere to the wedding party or men at the event. Add ribbon, fabric or special materials to the stems to make them unique and personalized. Burlap, ribbon, fabric, or even decorative tape really make the boutonniere coincide with event themes.

Keep in mind that you can create a shoulder corsage in a similar manner. Shoulder corsages should be lighter because they are not being pinned to heavy materials such as suits. Keep in mind that dress materials are lighter, thinner, and cannot hold as much weight. Making your own corsages and boutonnieres can be easy, affordable, and fun.

finished boutonniere