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Considering making your own wedding bouquet? We have the perfect step-by-step tutorial for helping you create your very own DIY wedding bouquet!

Select flowers that you wish to put in your bouquet.

Some suggestions for picking flowers for your bouquet are:

  1. Pick 1-2 focal flowers for your bouquet. In this bouquet we decided to keep things traditional, using cream Vendela roses and white spray roses as our focal flowers.
  2. Pick 1-2 fillers to create interest and fill in the spaces between larger focal flowers. We chose to use wax flower and hypericum berries.
  3. Use a green to create a finished look. We opted for baby blue eucalyptus.

Make a wedding bouquet flowers

Gather the floral supplies and tools you will need

  1. Floral Scissors - floral scissors are made especially with ridges that will cut through flowers stems without crushing them. Using kitchen scissors can crush and fray stems. This will shorten the vase life of the flowers and their ability to even draw up water during hydration.
  2. Stem Wrap - Use Floratape stem wrap to secure the flowers together in your bouquet.
  3. Corsage Pins - Use corsage pins to make a pearl design on your wedding ribbon bouquet wrap. Other options for holding together bouquet flowers are floral adhesive or a hot glue gun.
  4. Ribbon - Use ribbon for the bouquet wrap.

Create a base for your bouquet by combining focal flowers and fillers in a round shape

Use floratape stem wrap to secure each layer of your bouquet, this will ensure you have a stable bouquet.

wrapped flowers bouquet

Add focal flowers, fillers, and greens in an even rotation around the base you created.

Continue to build on the bouquet in sections, securing each section with floral tape.

wrapped flowers bouquet with greenery

Add one flower type (in this case roses) all the way around the bouquet to create a round, finished look.

Fill in any spaces and securely wrap the bouquet with stems wrap for support.

wrapped flowers bouquet stems with ribbon

Create your bouquet wrap covering the floral tape.

Use corsage pins, floral adhesive or a glue gun to secure the ribbon to the stems. If you are using corsage pins make sure you insert the pins on a steep diagonal to make sure nothing pokes out the other side. Use more ribbon to add a finishing touch and add your theme.

wrapped flowers bouquet ribbon wrapping with pins

wrapped flowers bouquet finished top view

Keep in mind when making your bouquet that the more simple the design the easier it will be to construct. Doing a practice run with flowers will help you learn and work out the quirks. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us!

wrapped flowers bouquet finished