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Gypsophila Excellence Flowers
1 Bunch Gypsophila Excellence

Gypsophila Excellence Flowers

This item is sold by the bunch.

Stems/Bunch: 8-13, packed by weight

1 to 4 bunches

$19.83 per bunch

5 to 19 bunches

$19.50 per bunch

20 to 49 bunches

$18.85 per bunch

50 or more bunches

$18.53 per bunch



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Common Names: Gyp, Baby's Breath, Excellence

Our top-selling wholesale “Gypsophila Excellence” (sometimes called Xlence) proves that you can teach an old flower new tricks! Also, commonly referred to as “gyp” or “baby’s breath,” this Gypsophila Excellence wholesale flower looks lovely on its own or used as a frothy backdrop and filler to other colorful, fresh-cut blooms. Our type of bulk baby’s breath is a new introduction to this tried-and-true flower variety and offers superior, long-lasting vase life and heartier blooms than its predecessors.

Its medium-sized, dainty white blossoms have multiple blooms per stem. Baby’s breath is an ideal choice for adding fullness, charm, and whimsy to your extra-special bouquets, centerpieces or arrangements for weddings, baby showers, fundraisers, parties, and more. It is the type of filler flower that is versatile enough to complement everything from rustic, country settings to elaborately sophisticated, lavish affairs. Gypsophilia is also known to dry exceptionally well; once dried, this flower can be used to create wreaths, swags and other decorative ornamentation.

Our Gypsophila Excellence bulk flowers are sold by the bunch, with approximately eight to 13 stems per bunch (packed by weight). Blooms by the Box makes it easy to purchase and incorporate this extraordinary Gypsophilia Excellence into your DIY bouquets and arrangements! Our farm-fresh flower selections and bulk flowers are cut to order and are delivered directly to your front door, so you can create something amazing. When you purchase our bulk baby’s breath flowers, you’ll enjoy wholesale flower prices. What this means is that you will save big money over purchasing your fresh-cut flowers from traditional florist stores or other flower retailers!

Stems/Bunch: 8-13, packed by weight
Flowers/Stem: Multi-bloom clusters
Size: 15"-25" stems
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5-7 days
Price Class: $
Suggestions: This bulk flower is the universal flower filler. They are exceptionally pretty with romantic looks paired with Tiffany roses, pink garden roses, pink daisies, alstroemeria, pink gerpoms, and spray garden roses. Perfect for baby girl showers. Or add yellow billy balls for a pop of color! Baby’s breath is known to look amazing when nestled in long-stem red rose bouquets, with a few leaves of leatherleaf added.

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