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Wax Flower Purple

Common Names: waxflower

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Feminine, sweet and joyful are the words that come to mind when describing Purple Wax Flowers. Officially known as chamelaucium, wax flowers feature colorful flowering branches, small needle-shaped leaves and petite five-petal blooms. They are a staple in wildflower and rustic arrangements, and are a popular choice for the boho-inspired bride. As with so many other flowers, wax flowers carry with them special meaning; they represent lasting success, patience, enduring love and happiness in marriage. Needless to say, they make the perfect floral choice to incorporate into your wedding day arrangements! They are the type of flower that goes with everything from roses, peonies, daisies and other classics to succulents, hypericum, thistle and lots more. They also create the sweetest flower girl crowns, and simple, yet elegant boutonnieres.

Like most filler flowers, wax flowers are gathered together in a grower’s bunch, so the stem count is not always exact. Each bunch can range between 7 and 12 stems.

Size: 16"-26" stem length

Vase Life: 7-10 days, depending on environmental conditions

Availability: All year

Suggestions: Add purple wax flowers to bouquets and arrangements with larger flowers for added texture and detail. Flow them over a wicker hanging basket to add touches of color around the home for a party or special occasion. Use wax flowers in a basket as a table centerpiece for a rustic-style outdoor wedding or event. They’re perfect for do-it-yourself wedding place card holders and for bridesmaids’ flower crowns. Combine with white wax flowers for the ideal color combination.

NOTE: Wax flower tends to shed easily!


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