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Lily Grass Green

This item is sold by the bunch.

Stems/Bunch: 25

1 to 4 bunches

$6.48 per bunch

5 to 19 bunches

$6.29 per bunch

20 to 49 bunches

$6.20 per bunch

50 or more bunches

$6.01 per bunch



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Delicate and dainty, Lily Green Grass adds height and movement to your floral displays. This popular filler offers many unique uses and is a favorite among DIY brides, party planners, and floral designers. This attractive filler is characterized by a deep green hue at the top that gradually lightens to pale green and white at the bottom of the stem. It has the ability to add that pretty finishing touch to a formal, classic bouquet as well as add a bit of edge to a contemporary design. While it adds grace to arrangements, this grass is strong and highly versatile. Did you know that lily grass can be woven to enhance an arrangement? It can also be bent or wound around blossoms to create a sculptural quality or submerged underwater in a clear vase for a dramatic effect. They are great for making boutonnieres, too. Loop it around a single rose or calla lily for an artistic touch.


Stems/Bunch: 25
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 25"-30" stems, each stem 1/4" diameter
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 10-12 days
Price Class: $
Suggestions: Use this with tall arrangements and summer looking flowers for bouquets. There are also some modern uses for it, like covering the inside of the vase to make a textural piece or bending the lily grass to make ovals of color peak out of arrangements.

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