It is time to run our Petal Count Challenge again! We had so much fun playing around with our Assorted Pastel Blend FD Rose Petals in last year’s Petal Count Challenge that we decided to run the contest again – but this time with a new petal variety and a new shape.

Enter by March 28th 2016 for your chance to WIN $100 in flowers and supplies from Blooms!

Petal Count Challange II - Enter to Win!

It’s Easy to Play Petal Count Challenge!

Whether you’re making a trail down the aisle, filling a flower girl basket, or scattering petals across a table, freeze dried petals are an easy and manageable answer to your decorating needs. The best part is that you can reuse them! These dried petals have a shelf life of up to a year!

We decided to up the prize and give away a $100 credit to the winner! Woo woo! The Petal Count Challenge II will be taking place on our Facebook page, where you have to guess the number of petals seen in the photo. ONLY COMMENTS POSTED ON FACEBOOK WILL BE COUNTED. See all the rules on how to enter this contest below!

Petal Count Challange II 1000

The petals featured in this photo are the Rudy Red Freeze Dried Rose Petals.

It’s Easy to WIN $100 in Fresh Flowers from Blooms!

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Each entrant must “Like” the Blooms By The Box Facebook page.
  2. Each entrant must “Share” the Blooms By The Box *The Petal Count Challenge II* Facebook post.
  3. Each entrant must enter his/her numerical guess of the count of petals shown in the photo by commenting on the Blooms By The Box *The Petal Count Challenge II* Facebook post.
  4. All entries must be received by 11:59AM EDT Monday, March 28th.
  5. The first correct guess will be the winner.  If no correct guess is made, the first entry closest to the correct number without going over will be the winner.
  6. Only one entry per user Facebook account. In the event of multiple entries from a single account, only the first entry will be considered.
  7. Winner will be announced Tuesday, March 29th on Facebook and the Blooms Blog. Winner will be notified via Facebook messenger.
  8. Winner will receive a $100 BloomsByTheBox credit good for the purchase of flowers and floral supplies sold by BloomsByTheBox. Unused credit cannot be redeemed for cash. Credit is valid until April 1, 2017.

Petal Count Challenge II - Win Free Flowers!

Happy guessing!

And yes, we did count every petal in this photo :)

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