Make a DIY Peony Bouquet

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The famous DIY peony bouquet is super easy to make! Whether your wedding theme is rustic, vintage, sophisticated, or modern this beautiful bouquet style will fit. It is versatile and can be made in a multitude of colors. Pink, white, hot pink, red, and burgundy are just some of your options.But here is the big problem, they are only available from April – July! Well don’t worry, you can replace the peonies with a garden rose for almost the exact same look.

Getting wholesale flowers online can be a money saver and simple process. Learn how to make a peony bouquet in a couple simple steps that will take about 20-30 minutes at most.Step 1

Step 2

Use 8-10 peonies, 6 pruned down pieces of dusty miller, floratape stem wrap, floral scissors, and ribbon of your choice. You will use the ribbon to make a bouquet wrap. Make sure all the flowers have been properly hydrated and prepped to ensure long vase life. To learn about proper floral hydration and storage refer to our DIY Flowers 101 lesson Unpacking and Preparing Fresh Cut Flowers.

Step 3

Step 4

Gather flowers together that start the pattern for the rest of the bouquet. Then secure your first section with floratape stem wrap.  Stem wrap is easy to use, just pull the tape tight and it will adhere to itself!

Step 5

Step 6

Continuously build on the pattern of peonies and dusty miller. Once you have a good rotation of peonies and dusty miller  and you are satisfied with the size, use the stem wrap to secure the bouquet. Then, cut all the stems so that they are the same length.

Step 7

Step 8

Use floral adhesive or corsage pins to attach the bouquet wrap ribbon.

Step 9

Pink and White Peony Bouquet

After you make your bouquet (usually the day before your wedding) make sure you can still keep the flowers hydrated. This means you may have to wait until the day of the wedding to add your bouquet wrap. This way you can put a couple inches of water in a vase and keep the flowers hydrated until you are ready to use the bouquet.

Most brides think they need a florist to make a peony bouquet like this. The truth is, if you keep it simple this bouquet can not only be easy to make but also affordable and within your budget. For more flower tips, design techniques, and tutorials visit our DIY Flowers 101 online lesson series.


  1. How long can can peonies be out of water before wilting? My daughter is getting married this September 2015, she wants a Peony bouquet. I am very concerned that they will wilt during the affair.

    How so you get staying power?

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    • The peonies should be great throughout the whole day! Just make sure you have the bouquet sitting in about an inch of water prior to the pictures of the ceremony.

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  2. Daughters wedding Oct3 2015, would the peony be available for order.

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    • This is always a tricky question. Peonies are not an exact crop so their availability is all over the place. Last year we had some available to ship out in November, so it is very possible they will be available in October. We will know as the time gets closer!

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  3. It’s April in KY; I have peonies. Gonna make this bouquet for my daughter’s prom to help offset the crazy expenses associated with prom. This is my daughter’s favorite flower too! I know I can pull this off, thanks for the great directions.

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    • Hi Pam! Thanks so much for the very kind words! We know that the bouquet will be beautiful!

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  4. Can the bouquet be made the one or two days before the wedding and still look fresh? And how many days before should I get the flowers?

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    • Hi Esther! You can make the bouquet the day before the event and keep it in water until you are ready to use it the next day! The flowers should be delivered two days prior to your event to ensure they remain as fresh as possible. Hope this helps!

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