Doing your wedding flowers requires a couple of smart decisions, one of them being VASES! Picking vases that are easy to work with, inexpensive, and classy has proven to be difficult in the past, but not anymore! No fear, Blooms by the Box is here!! Bulk glass vases for a couple of bucks each, can seriously save money and get you the look you are going for! Is that the best news you have heard all week?

Here is some smart Do-It-Yourself wedding flower advice on how to choose the best wedding vases. This will make your job of being your florist much easier! Cylinder glass vases are the perfect choice for the DIY bride. There is a whole lot you can do with them, yet they are simple enough for the beginner arranger. They also come in all sizes. For taller vases, use flowers with longer stems such as roses and peonies.  For a flower like a ranunculus that has hollow stems use a thinner cylinder and a medium height, this way all the flowers will be more tightly packed together providing stability for the naturally curly stems of the ranunculus. It is also very popular to mix and match vase sizes to create a bundle of arrangements with different heights as one centerpiece. This very popular style table centerpiece is extremely easy to DIY. Choose three types of focal flowers and place one type of flower in each vase. Put the different height vases in a triad to create a large easy centerpiece.

Square glass vases are also a prime money saver and DIY staple! Take a look at the low centerpiece above. It really does not get much easier than this centerpiece. Put a couple of inches of water in this 4″ by 4″ by 4″ vase. Wrap one aspidistra leaf around the inside of the vase. Keep in mind that there needs to be the right amount of water so that the leaf does not float but if there is too much water no worries, just pour some out. The next step is just placing wholesale roses and double stock in the vase. Rotate the flowers in an interesting pattern that is not uniform to all the arrangements. This may be one of the most simple things you can DIY at your wedding; it can literally only take a few minutes per centerpiece, WINNING!

Another perk of the cylinder and square glass wedding vases is that there is no need for floral foam. Adding floral foam into DIY arrangements may add some complication for the beginner flower arranger. Sticking with these simple shapes allows you to make professional looking arrangements without too much research beforehand. I would say that is pretty valuable to the DIY bride considering the amount of time she puts into the decor.

A trumpet vase is a wonderful option for the DIY bride who intends to do a practice run before her wedding day. This one may take a couple of practice arrangements before becoming your desire centerpiece but is generally pretty simple to make. Place a piece of floral foam inside the very top of the vase. You will need to fit the floral foam to the top; this means you will need to use a knife to cut down a floral brick. Then, build around the floral foam to make a round shape. Using flowers with many fuller blooms such as hydrangeas, roses, and peonies help to cover the most foam without needing too many secondary flowers and fillers (once you start adding many flower types it gets more complicated). Add greenery to the base of the foam to cover it and create a natural hanging vine look. Good greenery for the hanging portion of the centerpiece include ivy, hanging amaranthus, and seeded eucalyptus!

Vases are essential for your centerpieces, but no matter what vase you choose, DIY wedding flowers and vases will seriously cut your wedding costs. Check our bulk glass vases, wholesale specialty glass, and event glass to see how you can cut your costs. Keep in mind that if you have any questions about doing your wedding flowers, arranging your wedding flowers, or making some choice you can always ask questions or download a FREE Do It Yourself Guide to Wedding flowers!

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