DIY Flower Headband Video from Flower Designer
Eddie Zaratsian & BloomsByTheBox

Eddie Zaratsian has created a beautiful flower headband and shown us all how to make it! This accent piece is not only beautiful but is also a great way to bring your bridesmaids together for a fun and beautiful pre-wedding activity.  Follow the tutorial below and tell us what you think in the comments! Don’t forget to share your Geo Floral arrangement with us on social media @bloomsbythebox.

Floral Bridal Headband Arrangement How-To Video

Watch as Eddie shows you how to create this beautiful floral arrangement.

How to Make a Fresh Floral Headband

You’ll Need…

Headband – Preferably one that already has some style.
Wax Flowers
Spray Roses
Cold Glue

Prepare your Flowers 

Flowers: Carefully remove thorns and lower leaves, and cut Wax flower stems very short and Ranunculus flowers and Spray Roses flat for gluing. Flowers may need time to rehydrate before arranging.

Cold Glue: Pour cold glue onto a paper plate for ease of use while you arrange.

Create Your Floral Arrangements

  1. Dip a stem of Wax Flowers in the cold glue and attach to the headband – holding for 15-30 seconds to ensure it sets. Repeat this process along the headband with the direction of wax flowers facing away from the center.
  2. Next dip back of Ranunculus in cold glue and attach to the headband.
  3. “Reflux” the spray roses to open them up more. Dip in glue and place on the headband

Enjoy your beautiful floral headband.

Tip: Use larger blooms near the center of the headband and smaller blooms near the end

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Flowers and Greens: Blooms By The Box
Design: Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design

HeadbandFilm Credits:
Production Advisor: Hrach Muradyan
Director: Anasheh Khodaverdi
Director of Photography: Narbeh Khodaverdi
Editor: Chris Damadyan
Assistant Editor: Andre Movsisyan
Make-up artists: Zare, Alina Khamanyan & Arminaallure
Special thanks to Katy Sah

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