Eddie Zaratsian

Learn to Make a Deconstructed Topiary Arrangement
With this Creative Centerpiece How-To

Take your centerpiece to new heights with this beautiful Deconstructed Topiary Arrangement by Eddie Zaratsian! This incredible arrangement uses each floral element in a creative way that comes together to form an unforgettable work of art! And to make it even better, this Deconstructed Topiary Arrangement is simple to create! Just follow floral designer Eddie Zaratsian as he hashes out the details step by step so that you can have one of your own in a snap! Follow the tutorial below to learn how to take these Blooms By The Box flowers and transform them into an elegant centerpiece!

Have fun customizing and creating, and don’t forget to share your Deconstructed Topiary Arrangement with us on social media at @bloomsbythebox!

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Succulent Bouquet, DIY Flowers, DIY Wedding, Eddie ZaratsianUnique Bridal Beauty with DIY Succulent Bouquet

Looking to take a unique spin on your beautiful bridal bouquet? Take a timeless wedding staple, and incorporate this beautiful modern greenery for a stunning floral piece! This succulent bouquet is the perfect way to make a statement with your bridal bouquet, and it is easy to create with just four simple supplies! Floral designer Eddie Zaratsian walks through the process step-by-step so that you can create your own succulent bouquet! Follow the tutorial below to learn how to craft these Blooms By The Box succulents into a bridal masterpiece!

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European Bridal Bouquet, White Bridal Bouquet, White Wedding Flowers, DIY Wedding Flowers, DIY BouquetEuropean White Bridal Bouquet How-To

There’s nothing more romantic than a classic white bridal bouquet! Timeless and radiant, this classic color represents purity and elegance, and is the perfect addition to your big day! This swoon-worthy bouquet is easy to create, and even easier to adore! Follow the Eddie Zaratsian tutorial below to learn how to piece together these Blooms By The Box flowers into a bridal masterpiece!

Have fun customizing and don’t forget to share your European White Bridal Bouquet with us on social media at @bloomsbythebox!

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Tablescape Inspiration with
DIY Pretty in Red Floral Arrangement

Romantic and bright, red doesn’t have to be kept to Christmas time and Valentine’s Day! From vibrant Summer shades to warm Autumn hues, the color red will be a certain hit no matter what the season! That’s why floral designer Eddie Zaratsian created this stunning Pretty In Red floral arrangement that is effortless and elegant. Full of bright shades and textured contrast, these arrangements are beautiful on their own or all together. They will make a regal red addition to any wedding, event, or everyday tablescape! With this easy-to-follow tutorial, you too can make your own DIY Pretty In Red floral arrangement that is sure to steal the show!

Have fun designing and forget to share your Pretty In Red floral arrangement with us on social media at @bloomsbythebox!

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Flowers, Candy Bar, The Sketchbook Series, Blooms By The Box, Eddie Zaratsian, Blooms By The Box Flowers

Video of Los Angeles Sketchbook Series highlights Blooms by the Box Flowers

Picture-perfect and portrait-ready, Blooms By The Box flowers decked the tables and draped over centerpieces at the 2017 Sketchbook Series workshop which took place in the lavish Santa Monica Huntley Hotel in May. The event was captured by Juice Box Media in a promotional video that perfectly summed up the creativity of the day.

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Succulent Boutonnieres, DIY, Eddie Zaratsian, DIY Wedding, DIY Wedding Floral

Create your Own DIY Succulent Boutonnieres
with Eddie Zaratsian

It’s all in the details, and these Succulent Boutonnieres are the perfect addition to any tux! Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on your groomsmen’s get up, or you’re polishing off your handsome ring bearer’s outfit, these earthy little boutonnieres will complete your look! Follow the tutorial below as floral designer Eddie Zaratsian shares how to create these sweet, leafy Succulent Boutonnieres!

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