With wedding season right around the corner, I know a lot of brides-to-be and wedding planners alike are doing some research for your upcoming weddings. If you decide to go the DIY flower route and choose Blooms By The Box to supply you with fresh flowers here’s a huge tip: Submit your order in advance! “Why?”, you may ask, well…

1.) You’re able to check something off of your long list of things to do while¬†planning a wedding. Ultimately, giving you some temporary peace of mind until you move on to the next item on¬†your list.

2.) We charge your credit card when you submit your order, so if you’re on a budget, there’s no room for overspending.

3.) Ordering ahead guarantees that we will have what you need when you need it. So, you help us out too! (And we very much appreciate that!!)

So, make sure to keep these three things in mind when planning to order flowers :).

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