Marie Huss, the creator of Flower Sculpture, has worked in the flower industry for over 12 years perfecting her unique style of floral designs. Rather impressively she has done over 300 weddings!

Flower Sculpture team creates the lushest of flower designs imaginable, including traditional, chic and modern creations. It is Flower Sculpture’s determination to provide the freshest, most beautiful flowers available including flowers from

Marie Huss’s talent and eye for color makes weddings far more than blissful.  She knows flowers very well, as she has done over 300 weddings! She knows that fresh flowers are needed to make the most breathtaking weddings! Marie Huss trusted with her very specifically needed garden roses, also known as cottage roses.

The best news is that you can do this too! Cottage roses are full, fluffy and perfect for all types of wedding arrangements. You can put them in bouquets, table arrangements, or decorative pew arrangements!. They can be used to make an arrangement by themselves (like the first picture) or you can pair them will roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, and other full flowers (like the second picture)!

To get more information about Flower Sculpture  or Marie Huss visit

Marie thank you for using Bloomsbythebox! We love what you do!

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