As I was flipping through the movie channels this weekend and I came across the movie Valentine’s Day. It’s about an intertwined group of people celebrating the most romantic day of the year – some characters embrace it by making bold gestures of love, while others choose to celebrate it by throwing an “I hate Valentine’s Day” party. The plot is confusing because there are too many connections between the star-studded cast of characters, but a scene at the beginning of the movie got my attention.

Appropriately, Ashton Kutcher’s character is a florist and begins his work day by visiting the flower market. While he’s there grabbing every flower in sight, a local newscaster is doing a lifestyle feature on Valentine’s Day, and asks a man selling flowers, “How many red roses are sold on Valentine’s Day?” The man looks at him in bewilderment, as florist Ashton saves him by answering, “110 million red roses are sold”. Now, no offense Ashton, but actually 189 million red roses are sold on Valentine’s Day. That’s a ton of red roses! So, make sure you order early!!

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