I was more than honored to be able to go to the World Flower Expo this year in New York City.  Many flower breeders impressed me with new varieties of roses while others showed us coming trends in 2012. I also was introduced to Nevada Roses, a wholesaler who is quite unique in comparison to others there. They have perfected the science of dying flowers on a whole other level.  What they did amazed us, we took these photos right at the expo so we could share some flower industry fun! AND YES THEY ARE REAL!!!!

Nevada Roses

When we asked the representatives how this was even possible (by this time in the day they were probably so sick of people asking the same question!) they told us that they strategically split the stems of the roses and and put them in dye. The roses did most of the work on their own, separating the colors through the stems into the petals. It really is amazing how the roses are able to take and retain the bright colors in this way! This would be such a fun project to try one day!

4th of July Style!

Two toned yellow and red, blends to make some orange! Gorgeous!





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