• Billy Balls

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Craspedia Billy Balls

Common Names: Billy Balls, Billy Buttons

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 or more bunches $20.84 per bunch
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Craspedia Billy Balls are a very hardy way to bring a bold pop of color to your vintage or festival-themed DIY flower arrangements. These 1-inch yellow globe-shaped flowers feature long, slender stems without foliage, so they provide a clean, mod look in any bouquet or arrangement. Their soft, blossoming texture brings a velvety feel that looks right at home with any flower or filler.

We love to see these wholesale novelty flowers styled with yellow sunflowers, spider Anastasia and roses, or incorporated into a yellow, green and white color scheme. Truly unique brides have even begun to create strikingly bright, yet simple DIY bouquets made up solely of Craspedia Billy Balls. Eco-conscious event planners are fans of using these bright flowers as non-toxic and biodegradable alternatives for guests to hold above the heads of the happy couple as they leave the wedding, instead of sparklers. These quirky flowers are also a very popular choice in vintage-inspired DIY boutonnieres. You can even learn how to make your own Craspedia Billy Ball boutonniere! Additionally, yellow Craspedia Billy Balls dry very well, so they’re great for use in dried and permanent flower arrangements. Blooms by the Box sells Craspedia Billy Balls by the bunch, with 10 stems in each bunch.

Size: 1-inch sphere blooms; stem length 14-20 inches

Vase Life: 7-10 days depending on environmental conditions

Availability: All year

Suggestions: Use these novelty flowers in arrangements for any season! Put them in bouquets, centerpieces and arrangements to add texture and a fun pop of color. They pair well will yellow sunflowers, spider Anastasia and roses. They are usually incorporated in a yellow, green and white color scheme.

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