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Dianthus Red

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 or more bunches

$21.52 per bunch



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Red Dianthus has a deep, rich velvety red color that is perfect for creating romantic wedding bouquets and vibrantly colorful event floral arrangements. The blooms of Dianthus Red flowers are small and delicate, which is what you want when designing a classy arrangement that requires vivid blooms. Because they are in the carnation family, they nicely complement arrangements with carnations and roses. Include them in any red and white bouquet for added romantic appeal.

Dianthus Red flowers can also help you craft a fun floral centerpiece using an array of different colors and textures. See what happens when you blend them with blooms in colors of pink, dark purple, orange-red, pale yellow or off-white.

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