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Assorted Hybrid Poppy (12 Bunches)

Assorted Hybrid Poppy Flowers

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There is no mistaking the warm, sunny disposition of poppies, and when you include this pack of 12 bunches of poppies in your DIY wedding, fundraiser, birthday or other festive occasions, that same warmth will carry over into the event. While most people typically think of the color red when then they think of poppies, this assortment illustrates the range of hues this flower comes in. Discover shades of pink, cream, peach, orange, yellow and red in this selection. Just as poppies add vitality to a meadow of wildflowers, these showy blooms will add a cheerful touch to any arrangement.

*Please Note* 

Poppies are delicate and finicky flowers, they need special attention and should be cared for with caution. Poppies like warm to hot water to bloom. They will come to you a few days before their peak condition and you will have to keep them in sunlight and warm water to bloom. Once you're ready to use them, if some have not bloomed you can peel the pod open to expose the flower inside very carefully, once that happens the flower should bloom within a few hours. Poppies have a hollow stem that tends to droop in nature. Of the 120 stems, there will be pods that do not open, please plan accordingly.


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