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Lavender Dried

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From the moment you smell these dried lavender bunches, you will be transported to the lavender fields in Provence. Our quality dried lavender bunches are equally prized for their intoxicating scent and beauty. As a favorite of DIY brides arranging flowers for a rustic or country-themed wedding, lavender adds a colorful and fragrant touch to bouquets and centerpieces. We love the simplicity of bunches of lavender tied together with a silk ribbon for a bridal bouquet or the romance of accenting them with yellow, pink and white wildflowers. Rich in meaning, lavender symbolizes purity, devotion, serenity, grace and calmness. Identifiable by its tiny, tubular purple-grey blossoms, lavender belongs to the mint family (lamiaceae).

Whether you choose them for their physical beauty, fragrance, symbolism or all three, we are certain you will be pleased with our lavender bunches.

Sold in bulk, a single bunch of dried lavender has approximately 50 stems, measuring 14 to 15 inches tall. 

Size: 14-15 inches tall

Vase Life: 1-2 weeks

Availability: All year

Suggestions: There are so many uses for dried lavender, for wedding décor, embellishments around the house and for parties and special events. Use them with baby’s breath and other dried flowers as rustic centerpieces. Surround a glass candle holder with dried lavender twigs, held to the glass with twine. They can also be wrapped around a pillar candle. Hang a dried lavender bouquet upside down from the wall of a kitchen for a great earthy look and marvelous scent. It’s also great for rustic wedding décor. A dried flower bridal bouquet is a unique idea for a country-style wedding.

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