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Cockscomb Burgundy

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Cockscomb Burgundy has a deep, rich burgundy color that easily complements other satiny red flowers such as red roses. This is one of the most fun flower choices to use for your designs because it resembles a colorful brain. The bloom has an irregular shape thanks to numerous rows of tight petal folds. Directly beneath is a green stem with red spikes. Available during the spring, you can dream up all sorts of floral designs that feature this brainy-looking flower. They are ideal for event table centerpieces, and good for sparking conversation!

Preserve their vivid red color for fall and winter seasons by drying them, and then using them in seasonal holiday floral displays.

Size: 4-6" blooms, 12"-18" stem length
Vase Life: 5-8 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: April, May, June Suggestions: Use these fresh and vibrant color in spring and summer to add pop to your arrangements. Also dry these flowers to use them as hanging decor and keep their beauty for others seasons!

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