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Sweet Pea Pink (10 Bunches)

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Breathe life into your floral design ideas with classic Sweat Pea Pink flowers. For centuries, this flower has been a favorite choice of countless DIY floral designers. It’s easy to see why. The delicate blooms are small and quaint, and the faint sweet scent is pleasantly uplifting. Sweet Pea Pink is a symbol of bliss, making them a wonderful floral choice for any wedding bouquet or wedding floral design. To create a rustic design, place bunches of sweet pea flowers in a glass jar, basket or metal container – add water and enjoy! Approximately 10 stems per bunch.

Size: Stems can be 6.5-12” long, 2-5 blooms on each stem

Vase Life: 3-5 days, depending on environmental conditions

Availability: Early spring – mid summer

Suggestions: Make sure to carefully remove sweet pea flowers from their packaging as soon as your delivery arrives. The stems may be slightly entwined – carefully separate them before trimming stems and putting in to water. Sweet peas do have a short vase life, so it is important to keep them in a cool environment!

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