We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with the one and only Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design. eddie-zaratsian - Partnership

Eddie Zaratsian is trained in the art of floral design for years he has been creating luxurious arrangements for high-end weddings and special events. At the same time, Blooms by the Box has been providing beautiful wholesale florists to you DIY Creatives, Brides, and At-home Entertainers.

With all this experience we have created a perfect partnership where Eddie shows how to use Blooms by the Box Florals for beautiful and creative arrangements that are perfect for the holidays, your wedding or just to have beautifully arranged fresh flowers around the house.

With our partnership not only will we be sharing the videos and tutorials but for specific arrangements, we are announcing our Eddie Zaratsian line of Floral Packs – All the flowers you need to recreate what you see on screen!


Eddie Zaratsian Partnership

About Eddie Zaratsian: An artist and visionary, Eddie Zaratsian creates.

He is fluent in the many languages of design and uses his expertise and natural talent to bring ideas and stories to life through one-of-a-kind creations and environments. Eddie’s work cultivates a sense of wonder and connects us to the humbling and enlightening bounties of nature.

“I design to feed all five senses – to create a feast for the soul.”

– Eddie Zaratsian

Eddie’s creativity and passion are evident in every aspect of his event design company, Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle, and Design, where he produces breathtaking events that envelop and delight the senses. Each detail, from large-scale installation to individual petal, is carefully chosen and customized from conceptualization until the final reveal. Drawing on over two decades of industry experience working with an international clientele, Eddie’s ability to imagine and actualize celebratory experiences that uniquely reflect the essence of his clients is unparalleled.

In addition to event design, Eddie is a creative consultant and collaborator for exclusive brand partnerships, and he’s a passionate educator who zealously teaches his renowned techniques and shares his expertise with aspiring artisans and master craftsman alike, including the talented team at his exclusive floral production company, Tic-Tock Couture Florals. All artists and craftsman at Tic-Tock have been exclusively trained and mentored by the designer, and as Tic-Tock’s creative director, Eddie’s vision, methodology, and extensive experience are seen in the stunning work and signature pieces, his team creates to adorn life’s most important moments.

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