We are thrilled about the Black Widow arrangement. This is the first of many Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design and Blooms By The Box Floral Arrangement Tutorials. This wicked arrangement comes just in time for your Halloween Decorating needs! Or if you are having a Halloween themed wedding, imagine how perfect this would look as a centerpiece!

Black Widow Arrangement

Components + Instructions

Rectangular Wooden Box
Black Plastic Spiders
Black Spray Paint
Floral Foam
Newspaper (recycle old paper)
Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks
8-10 Succulents (sprayed black)
Burgundy Scabosia
Black Feather Eucalyptus



  1. Succulents – Spray paint tops of Succulents black and Hot Glue onto the wire
  2. Wood Box Container: If the container is not leak proof, line the wood containers with a piece of plastic or liner before placing the floral foam so that the container doesn’t leak.
  3. Floral foam: You can pre-soak your floral foam or fill the container with water after you placed your foam into the container) fit into a lined box with a portion of foam lining above the rim of the container. Cut the corners of foam at an angle.
  4. Flowers: Cut all flower stems at an angle.


  1. Group Black Feather Eucalyptus and put in flower foam at a 90-degree angle.
  2. Insert Succulents 1 at a time across the front of the Eucalyptus at different heights
  3. Take individual stems of Burgundy Scabosia and insert between Eucalyptus and Succulents
  4. Hot Glue Black Plastic Spiders to wooden container and Succulents.

Polish the arrangement off by refilling the water and enjoy your Black Widow Arrangement.

Black Widow Floral Arrangement Eddie Zaratsian

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Flowers: Blooms By The Box
Design: Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design
Film Credits:
Production Advisor: Hrach Muradyan
Director: Anasheh Khodaverdi
Director of Photography: Narbeh Khodaverdi
Editor: Chris Damadyan
Assistant Editor: Andre Movsisyan
Make-up artists:
Zare, Alina Khamanyan & Arminaallure
Special thanks to Katy Sah

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