DIY Passionate Pink Arrangement by Designer
Eddie Zaratsian & BloomsByTheBox

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone you love? Eddie Zaratsian created this gorgeous Jewelry Box floral arrangement with variations of pink roses.  This How-To Video helps remind us that not every floral arrangement must be placed in a vase. Eddie gave this arrangement as a gift with a beautiful jewelry box keepsake as the vase. Watch the entire video below and Don’t forget to share your Passionate Pink arrangement with us on social media @bloomsbythebox.

Floral Arrangement with Pink Roses How-To Video

Watch as Eddie shows you how to create this beautiful floral arrangement.

How-To: Create Passionate Pink Floral Arrangement

You’ll Need:

Jewelry Box/ Box Shaped Vase
Cellophane/Plastic Lining
Pre-Soaked Floral Foam
Large Rose Topaz Roses
Garden Roses
Spray Roses
French Ribbon

Prepare your Flowers 

Flowers: Carefully remove thorns and lower leaves, Cut stems at 2-3 inches. Flowers may need time to rehydrate before arranging.

Jewelry Box: line the box with cellophane and fill with Pre-soaked floral foam. Trim Lining.

Create Your Floral Arrangements

  1. “Reflux” the Rose Topaz Roses to open them up and add a distinct character
  2. Begin adding the Large Rose Topaz Roses to the front of the floral foam and around the perimeter of the floral arrangement.
  3. Group 2-3 stems of Garden Roses together and insert into floral foam, Repeat for 3 or 4 groupings around the arrangement.
  4. Accent floral arrangement with Spray Roses.
  5. Partially close the lid of jewelry box tie French Ribbon with a bow on top to complete the arrangement.

Polish the arrangement off by topping off with water. Enjoy your stunning Pink arrangement!

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Flowers and Greens: Blooms By The Box
Design: Eddie Zaratsian Lifestyle and Design

Film Credits:

Production Advisor: Hrach Muradyan
Director: Anasheh Khodaverdi
Director of Photography: Narbeh Khodaverdi
Editor: Chris Damadyan
Assistant Editor: Andre Movsisyan
Make-up artists: Zare, Alina Khamanyan & Arminaallure
Special thanks to Katy Sah

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