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Arelya Foliage


1 or more bunches

$18.08 per bunch



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  • * This item is sold by the bunch.

Common Names: African Violet, Aralia

Arelya Foliage is a great choice for adding a touch of filler to traditional floral arrangements. This greenery has the natural shape of a palm and large leaves spread out like fingers. Light green veins are clearly visible, offering a nice contrast to the deep green leaf color. Available year-round, they are a perfect pairing for gorgeous white roses or roses of any color. The Arelya is an amazing shape that will give you an amazing array of design options. Consider using them to create eye-catching mixed-flower bouquets for table centerpieces. They also work nicely as a general greenery backdrop for large floral displays designed to serve as decorative room accents. Arelya Foliage can provide the deep green background you desire for red and white Christmas flower designs.


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