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Lily Grass Variegated

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Similar to lily grass, variegated lily grass is characterized by green and white striations running vertically along each blade. This multi-colored pattern adds a striking visual touch to a range of floral designs. It has long been used in classic bouquets, centerpieces and other DIY arrangements. We have seen it cascading from a bouquet of white freesia, white spray roses and other foliage, as well as accenting orange protea pin cushions, yellow Billy balls and stems of Dianthus green trick. They also add a handsome, sculptural quality to boutonnieres; loop a stem or two around a single rose, calla lily or orchid. Just that simple loop of greenery adds dimension and visual intrigue.

There are also some unique modern uses for lily grass, such as covering the inside of a clear, square vase or bending several stems of it to make orbits of green circling over arrangements.

Approximately 25 stems per bunch come with each order.

Size: 25"-30" tall, each blade about 1/4" in diameter
Vase Life: 7-9 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: All year
Suggestions: Use this with tall arrangements and summer looking flowers for bouquets. There are also some modern uses for it, like covering the inside of the vase to make a textural piece or bending the lily grass to make ovals of color peak out of arrangements.

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