I think I’ve already expressed my love for bad reality TV to you all, but I have to say, the show I’m about to post about is not praiseworthy in the least. It’s not even good, bad reality TV; it’s in a category of its own. As much as I believe that every bride should have their dream wedding (and I am an advocate of any contest or competition where brides-to-be have the chance to win their dream wedding), the show Bridalplasty takes it a step too far. The show premiered in late November, and since has made heads turn, faces cringe, eyes roll back in heads and get the slap of disapproval from not only those in the wedding community but the general public.

Basically, the show is E!’s attempt (attempt being the operative word here) at a new reality series in which 12 brides-to-be move into a Los Angeles mansion and compete for plastic surgery procedures in the hope of achieving perfection on their big day. Oh hey, you won a challenge, good for you! Here are your new lips! There are so many things wrong with that previous sentence, but I digress. Oh, but not only do they get the chance to be a different person, but the last bride standing gets a “celebrity-style dream wedding.”

And you want to know the kicker?!?! Their fiance does not see them until the wedding day!! How crazy is that!? I doubt the poor guy will be able to recognize his future wife after she’s been nipped and tucked. Personally, I don’t know how E! can endorse this horrible excuse for a TV show, but then again, a bunch of knuckleheads, obnoxiously tan lushes are making thousands of dollars on TV for being as stupid as these brides-to-be, so why am I surprised?

Anyway, enough of me complaining about bad TV. Even though Bridalplasty is beyond distasteful, the competitions themselves aren’t bad. This past Sunday, the challenge was to make the perfect bridal bouquet. The brides-to-be had 30 minutes and a plethora of flowers – hydrangeas, roses, lilies, you name it, to create the winning masterpiece. Some of them were actually quite good, and most of them were disastrous. Clearly, some of these gals were in desperate need of our DIY Guide! Check out some footage from the show. In the end, Janessa came up on top with a white bouquet accented with white feathers. Her prize? A brand-spanking new nose! Celebrity floral designer Kevin Lee, as well as E!’s Giuliana Rancic, served as guest judges.

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