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The only thing I can compare the new 100 layer cake website to is chocolate because it is simply blissful (and fewer calories)! All I can say is WOW!!! And thank you, Jillian, Amanda, and Kristina for this more than amazing resource for brides-to-be and post brides alike.

If you didn’t know already know 100 layer cake is a blog created by friends and fellow designers Amanda, Jillian, and Kristina. Not only do they post the most jaw-dropping, gorgeous weddings (Click here to see what I’m talking about), but they also feature the best DIY wedding projects I’ve ever seen. Oh, and a major bonus, they provide templates for the majority of their DIY projects! All you have to do is click download, and voila, those escort cards that you were gushing over are yours!

Apparently, this blog proved to be a phenomenon, so just recently 100 layer cake decided to create a comprehensive wedding website (, or as I like to call it, “Bridal Mecca.” At, brides can buy and sell items for their wedding at the Marketplace, find the most fabulous vendors in the Vendors + Venues section, and lastly, get ideas from an archive of DIY projects from their blog and other resources in DIY Resources.

Can you say amazing?! Finally, brides-to-be can get inspired, find the perfect venue, download templates for their DIY projects, and buy their veil all in one place, with a click of a mouse.

My favorite part of the new website is the Marketplace. It’s the child of Etsy and Craigslist. I love how brides who just got married can “recycle” their wedding by helping those in the process of planning their wedding. But I have to say what I love most is the vendor requests. Here’s how they work…

Let’s say you need a DJ. All you do is log in and post what you need as a vendor request (i.e., 70’s rock lovers seek DJ in New York City Area), then specify your location, budget, and wedding date. With a click of a mouse, your vendor request will be featured on the main page of the marketplace so vendors can come to you, instead of the other way around :). So awesome, right?!

So, whether your a bride-to-be or recently tied the knot, you should try 100 layer cake. I know you’ll love every single bite ;)!

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