Dual Purpose Bridesmaid Bouquets

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Nashville Wedding

Nashville Wedding

So, I was perusing Wedding Blogs the other day when I came across pictures from this Nashville wedding on Style Me Pretty. I’m not sure whether the bouquets were just put in vases for the photos, or if they actually used them as arrangements during their reception… but it got me thinking. I’m sure most of you Brides-to-Be out there are on budgets. And if you’re in the planning process, I would suggest that you seriously consider using this tip to possibly trim down your wedding flower cost. What is this amazing piece of information that I have been withholding from you? It’s not that outside of the box and I’m surprised I haven’t thought of it before, but why not use your bridesmaids’ bouquets as centerpieces for your reception!

If you think about it this actually makes a lot of sense. After the ceremony, what do your bridesmaids really do with their bouquets? It’s not like they need them while they’re dancing the night away and celebrating your nuptials! I’m sure that they would complement your reception décor seamlessly, as the colors and flowers used in your ceremony should also be reflected throughout the entire wedding from start to finish. More importantly, by “double duty-ing” you’ll be saving some money too! Even if the bouquets only serve as centerpieces for the head table.

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  1. This is exactly what I did for my wedding over 20 years ago and it worked out really well. I had six bridesmaids and at the reception we had a long rectangular separate table for the wedding party. I had put markers at the table for each spot that the bouquets were to go with my bridal bouquet in the middle. It looked as if we had bought separate flowers for the table with the ribbons and greenery from the bouquets hanging ove the edge. Very nice effect & it saved a lot of money. Also, we had bought two very large arrangements on stands to go on each side of the altar at the church. I had a friend transport them over to the reception at the hotel and place them on each side of the stage where the band played again saving a lot of money.

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